Advanced Muscle Mechanics

Enen's Muscle Mechanics

If you’re trainging with Enen, you’re not the typical gym rat whose interest in getting as big and freaky huge as possible extends no further than upping your dose of anabolic steroids to the very limits of safety.

Instead, you’re part geek, part mad scientist, and of course, part training machine.

Because we’re interested in more than muscle contractions here; we’re interested in advanced muscle mechanics – we’re interested in neurotransmitters, for instance, and learning what we can do to facilitate the most powerful, intense muscle contracting electrical impulses as possible. Focus, my friends, means strength and gains.

You’re heard it before; focus, focus, focus.

Focus means strong synaptic connections.

Focus means powerful electrical impulses.

Powerful electrical impulses means more powerful muscular contractions.

The Basics:

Muscles work in pairs. In fact, they are grouped together in pairs on your skeleton. When one of a pair of the muscle contracts, the other relaxes. The place that a muscle is attached to a bone closest to the center of the body is called the origin. On the other hand, an insertion is a place where the muscle is attached to a bone farthest from the center of the body. The biceps origin is found in the scapula of the shoulder. Its insertion, on the other hand, is found in the radius bone of the forearm.

When a muscle shortens or contracts, it pulls on both the insertion as well as the origin in the bone causing the respective joint to move. For the joint to return to its original position, the opposite or reciprocal muscle must contract and pull in the opposite direction to straighten the joint again.

Muscles only shorten and pull joints.

They do not push joints. It’s the coordination of reciprocal muscles to work together to move your body. In fact, without this mechanism, it would be impossible to straighten your legs when you walk or when you bend your hands to grip something.

For instance, when your bicep muscle in one of your upper arm contracts, it, on the other hand, pulls your lower arm towards your shoulder. However, when the arm relaxes, the same biceps cannot push your arm back order to achieve this, the triceps muscle on the underside of your arm will be forced to contract and straightens your arm out. Without the triceps, in this case, your arm would remain drawn in permanently.

Two types of contractions are in play when you lift weights. The concentric and the eccentric contractions.

Concentric contractions occur when your muscles shorten. On the other hand, eccentric contraction occurs when your muscles shorten and lengthens.

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